which the morning stars began

Psalm 39:6

We are merely moving shadows, and all our busy rushing ends in nothing.



Joshua 24:15

Joshua 24:15

India ink and acrylic on canvas

Getting desperate here

Sometimes moms resort to acts of desperation.

I blame myself, really, for letting it get to this point.

Perhaps I should’ve trained them all better.

Alas.  I didn’t.

posted above the sink in a moment of desperation and exasperation.

posted above the sink in a moment of desperation and exasperation.

10 Sweet illustrations to inspire me back on track

There have been some major changes in the Corpus household in the last month.  We’ve gone from being the Corpus 4 to the Corpus 5!  With the addition of a baby in home, I have less time and creative energy for drawing and painting.  But I’d like to get back on track with my illustration a week challenge.  (I’ve forgiven myself and moved on for the fact the fact that I’ve missed like 6 weeks)


So to jump start the creative juices, I scrolled through the Illustration Friday “Sweet” Illustrations and picked 10 that really jumped out at me.


Yuliia Bahniuk.  I love the watermelon.  My hometown has a watermelon festival every year at the end of June.  I have watermelon on the mind.  I need to learn from her on shading.  Her illustrations are so sweet.


Patrick Girouard  I don’t blame the boy.  I want a donut that size too!  I like that Patrick’s profile information says “None of your beeswax”.  tee hee


Maria Levezzi  Oh.  I do love her style.  I like how the chairs have fat bodies and little legs.  The view of the trees is delightful. 🙂


Shelini Vadivelu  The roundness of the mouses belly!  just love.  I really like the lines on the mouse.

Kerry Drumm has such an interesting style.  Very diverse subjects and just so amazing.  I could learn a lot from studying her work.

Nancy Bajer  I want to grow some cupcakes!!  beautiful.


Marlene Martins  Very clever!!

Very cheri   Really like this one!

MamaZombie.  This is so fun.

James Taylor  is simply amazing.  way outta my league.  I look on with awe.





“Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning.” – C. S. Lewis


Run, Kelton. Run!


Have  you read any of M M Socks‘ poetry?  If not, you SHOULD!  So fun.  So clever.  And every single time I read one of his poems, I want to draw!  Because I can just see myself, sitting down and reading them to my children and colorful pictures just add to the experience.


When I read Run, Kelton. Run!  I knew I wanted to illustrate it.  At least 4 or 5 drawings are needed.  Here is drawing number one.


Did you know Kelton was not human?  Nevertheless, he deals with the problem that many human youngsters face.  He didn’t get out of bed fast enough this  morning.  And now he is frantic…

a cup of tea and a book!


It was a quick sketch for a friend.  I’m still finding my style.  and I don’t have it yet.

Wild didn’t turn out like I wanted it to, and this one looked much cuter in my mind.  so….I guess that is what creating is about.  We learn and develop the skill.